Saturday, December 19, 2009

Today the take on wolves is 128 with four zones closed.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission decided to extend its wolf hunt in more hunting units across the state through March 31, or until each hunting zone reaches its quota. This decision puts Idaho’s wolf population at even further risk than it is already from the premature wolf hunt that Idaho and Montana implemented before wolves are fully recovered in the Northern Rockies.If you have ever been to Idaho,You will know this statement is false,as the snow hasn't even melted in most of the wolf denning areas.
I don't know where these people get their information from,but I can see they never have been to Idaho or Montana during March.And furthermore the quota in Idaho will most likely never be reached this hunting season.
Read further on my site to see the quotas and then go to the Idaho Fish and Game website,to read how many fewer Elk and Deer were harvested this last season.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I have read and studied about wolves for some time now,and I find the books at amazon really helpful

A Hunting Controversy

Today marks the taking of 128 wolves in the Idaho big game wolf hunt thus far this season.

Canada has a whopping 50000 to 60000 wolves in it's country.
That is second best to Russia.
The United States of America has around 10000 wolves in all the states,with Alaska sharing over half of them.
Do you think the United States has made a hunting controversy out of the wolf population?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The population of wolves have exploded

In Alaska there is an estimated 7500 wolves.
In Wyoming there is an estimated 600 wolves.
In Idaho there is an estimated 1000 wolves,.
In Montana there is an estimated 600 wolves.
I haven't got the estimate for Oregon,Washington,Colorado,Canada or Michigan and other states as of yet.
Now do you think that having a wolf hunt is going to wipe out the wolf population.
And also Alaska has an estimated 31000 Grizzly bear.

Wolf Harvest in Idaho

125 wolves have been harvested in Idaho as of yesterday.It doesn't look like Idaho will fill the 220 wolf quota by the end of wolf season.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Idaho's Wolf Hunt

Today comes and goes and there have been 119 wolves harvested at this time in Idaho's wolf hunt.

Monday, December 7, 2009

As of the 4th of Dec. there have been 119 wolves harvested in Idaho.
The big game hunts in Montana close with a very low number of elk and deer harvested.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wolf Stats for today

114 wolves have been harvested in Idaho as of today,leaving 106 more to harvest before the season ends.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wolf harvest in Idaho

As of this date there have been 111 wolves harvested in Idaho.
Only 108 left to harvest until the quota is met.
Here are some startling facts about the ways of the wolf.
The truth is wolves are killing machines, they are the ultimate predator in North America. They are not even surpassed by the grizzly bear. Do the research! You will find wolves are not conservationists, they are known to kill everything in the ecosystem starting with prey first, then other predators, then start killing each other because they are cannibals.

You want to discuss cattle not being killed in a humane way, in comparison to wolves there is none. Wolves are addictive "Sport Killers" this takes place during the winter in heavy snow, the deeper snow the more "Sport Killing" deer and elk carcasses literally slaughtered for miles on snow-covered logging roads, (two dead elk approximately 150 feet apart), only hind quarters ripped out not eating any of their prey, the carcass left to rot for scavengers, and in many cases the animals are left standing alive bleeding a torturous death in the snow for several days with only hindquarters torn out. It is a very slow and excruciating painful death. This happens routinely while teaching young pup wolves how to hunt.

Monday, November 16, 2009

It;s over for wolf hunting in Montana

As of tonight the wolf hunt in Montana will come to a close as the 75 wolf quota has been met.
In Idaho there have been 118 wolves harvested as of today and there are another 102 wolves left to harvest in Idaho before the quota is met.
The reason for the big influx of wolf kills is due to a sufficient amount of snow fall in the higher elevations to bring the big game down to winter pastures.This means the wolves will follow as the big game are their main appetite.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moultrie Camera

You might be interested in purchasing a Moultrie camera to catch a photo of these wolves on your property or count how many other big and small game animals are using your property for habitat.
Or use it in your favorite hunting spot to check if that big Elk or Buck is still there.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wolf update

As of today there have been 51 wolves harvested in Montana and 91 harvested in Idaho.During my 4 day hunting trip to Ennis,Montana,I didn't see one Elk or even a calf track in one of the heaviest Elk hunting areas of the state.
Most of the animals I did see were Deer and very few of them were hanging in camps throughout the Gravelly mountain area.I talked to hunters who have hunted this area for 40 years and they stated that they haven't seen any sign either and that it is the second year in a row that they have been skunked out of 41 years hunting in the same area.They are equipped with horses and four wheelers,so they have coverd many miles of prime Elk habitat without spotting one Elk and a few Mule deer bucks.They did say that there were wolf sign in the areas where they have been and some hunters have seen the wolves.One hunter spotted 2 wolves chasing elk and when the wolves saw him they stopped chasing the elk and came towards him.He had a wolf tag and bagged one of the wolves.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Wolf Facts

Know your target as coyotes look like wolves from a distance,but up close are easy to distinguish from the wolf.
Gray wolves come in different colors,such as black,tan,grey,white,brownish rust.
Gray wolves are built for travel with narrow bodies, long legs and large feet;
They can easily cover 10-20 miles in a day;
Montana wolves can be either gray or black, and sometimes white;
Montana wolves weigh 70-120 pounds and have a blocky square head;
Coyotes weigh 25-40 pounds and have a narrow, triangular shaped head.
After you bag the wolf,you are required to report the kill within 12 hours to the fish and game department.
If the wolf is wearing a collar,you are rquireed to turn the collarin to the fish and game.
If the wolf has mange as some do,it is best to take the unskinned wolf to the fish and game and they will give you another tag,free of charge.
When skinning a wolf,you should wear latex gloves to keep parasites and the spread of disease off you.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It is November 1,2009 and the harvesting of wolves from Montana has risen to 28.
The harvesting of wolves in Idaho has risen to 81.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wolf Harvest

The 25th. of October has arrived and the general big game rifle season has started with a total of 23 wolves harvested in Montana and a total of 43 wolves harvested in Idaho.Out of 1009 hunters in the Ennis,Mt. check station there were only 43 Elk harvested in two days.This is a very poor hunt considering that this part of Montana is one of the premier hunting areas in the state.
I spoke with one rancher who ran steers on the forest service and he stated to me that his steers came off the range thinner then they were when he placed them on it.
This was due to wolves chasing them constantly,as he observed on his checks of the steers.
There are more wolves in the state then the fish and wildlife predicted this year,which means less big game to harvest.

The 21st.of October finds no new reported wolf kills in Montana,but this should change with the opening of big game rifle season on the 25th.of October.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

On Oct.15 2009 Montana has one backcountry hunting zone left open until the rifle season begins.
There have been 12 wolves harvested this season so far with 63 more wolves left before the season ends.

In Idaho there have been 54 wolves harvested with 166 remaining to be harvested.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

As of today the 13th.of October there have been no new reports of wolves harvested in Montana or Idaho.
The Montana dept.of fish, wildlife and parks are asking the publics help in the apprehension of someone who shot and killed a 6x6 bull elk this week and left the elk to rot along the roadway.
There can be a reward if the person or persons are brought to court and found guilty.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

As of today the 7th day of oct.2009 there have been 11 wolves shot by hunters in the state of Montana.

As of today the 7th day of oct.2009 there have been 28 wolves shot by hunters in Idaho.

I really don't think the states quota will be reached by the first of January when the hunt expires.

This tells me that next year the quota will be higher as it is not easy to find wolves unless they are in a farmers livestock killing for food and fun.

Yes wild dogs,coyotes and wolves will kill a large number of animals just for fun.

As I have witnessed on different occasions sheep men loosing up to 100 sheep in one night to coyotes.
I have also watched coyotes wait along trails for a mother deer to come by with her fawn,and the coyote will attack the baby and kill it.
Coyotes are great at chasing fawns into a hog wire fence and catching it that way also.

It seems once they get the taste of blood they go crazy for more.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wolf Harvest for Sept.30,2009

As of Sept.30,2009 there have been 15 wolves harvested in Idaho and in Montana there have been 7 wolves harvested.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Wolves at a Glance

Wolf pack education
"Wolf packs typically include a breeding pair, their offspring, and other non-breeding adults. The average pack size is 8.1 animals.
Wolves are capable of mating by age two or three; sometimes form lifelong bond.
Wolves can live 13 years and reproduce past 10 years.
An average of five pups are born in early spring. They and are cared for by the entire pack. For the first six weeks, pups are reared in dens.
Dens are often used year after year.
Pups depend on mother's milk for the first month, then weaned and fed regurgitated meat brought by pack members.
By seven to eight months, pups begin traveling with the adults.
After a year or two, wolves may leave and try to find a mate and form a pack.
Lone, dispersing wolves have traveled as far as 600 miles in search of a new home.
Wolf packs live within territories that they defend from other wolves.
Territories range from 50 square miles to more than 1,000 square miles.
Wolves travel as far as 30 miles in a day to hunt.
They trot at about 5 miles per hour, but they can run as fast as 40 miles per hour for short distances."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

As of sept.24,2009 there have been no wolves harvested.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As of today sept.23,2009 there has been no wolf harvested to my knowledge in Idaho or Montana.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


As of today I have not heard of a wolf harvested since friday evening.
Here are some fish and game facts from the state of Idaho for your reading pleasure on wolves and their behavior.
Wolves live in packs, are territorial, and have large territories that they actively defend. They are relatively easy to count when compared to solitary predators, such as cougars and bears. Eighty-eight wolf packs were documented in Idaho at the end of 2008, and wolves in 58-or two-thirds-of those packs were radio marked. The estimated population is at least 846 wolves. They can reproduce at remarkable rates of 40 to 50 percent annually, without mortality.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wolf Hunts Open

As of Sept.15,2009 the wolf came off the endangered list in Montana and Idaho,thus opening up the first wolf hunt legally in either state.
As of this posting I have only heard of two wolves harvested in Montana,and two wolves harvested in Idaho.
I wouldn't be to alarmed at the hearsay of the wolf getting exterminated,as living around them I have noticed that if a firearm is discharged they will head for high ground immediately.
As time goes by you won't hear too much about wolves as they will stay away from people,probably including Yellowstone Park also.
As the leaders raise their pups they will also teach them that humans are dangerous to be around.
I think wolves will keep populating new states and will become harder to find as game animals.
Standing up to 2 1/2 feet tall and 5 to 6 feet long plus weighing up to 140 pounds,and faster and smarter than a coyote,they will be hard to see in the forest.
Most wolves will travel on roads or game trails and when you see tracks it usually looks like one animal,but wolves will follow single file and step in the lead wolfs track,thus looking like one wolf.
The footprint of a wolf is up to 3 inches wide and 4 inches long.
It isn't hard to distinguish between a coyote or house dog.
So far wolves are in Oregon,Alaska,Montana,Idaho,Wyoming,Colorado,Minnesota,Wisconsin and Michigan and won't be long before they spread to California and Nevada.
Wolves inhabit Mexico and Canada also.
So you see wolves will not be exterminated by hunters,as there are to many of them spread across the United States and other countries.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scarce Ammunition

{Hunters beware}

You should think about stocking up on ammunition as the stores are running out at a rapid rate,and the manufacturers can't keep up with the orders.This influx is due to the Obama administration wanting to implement new gun laws.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big or Small game hunting
The hunter spots a game animal while hunting in the forest.He raises his rifle or bow and aims,fires and bags the query.Once again the human predator has made a kill.There are over 17 million Americans that hunt some form of wildlife.90 percent of hunters are males,one half of them are quite young,ranging in age from 16 through 34.Half of the hunters have attended college.Most american hunters grew up in a rural or semirural enviroment,and were taught to hunt by their fathers.In the rural enviroment in the past,hunting had a much more acceptance rateing than today,due to the slaughtering of farm animals for food was accepted by all,as it was necessary for human survival.Most americans have never seen a farmer butcher a chicken,hog or beef animal.Many consider the killing of game animals unnecessary and cruel.Around fifty percent of americans oppose hunting.One reason they draw a distinction between the behavior of hunters and wild predators.Wild predators usually take sick,weak,and old animals suffering from disease.The human hunter takes animals that are in prime condition and are trophys.This method can weakon the species.Hunters beleive that since we have eliminated most predators of game animals,the need for hunting by humans is necessary.The problem with this theory is,without animal predation the game population will explode in areas around and in citys,which causes car accidents and the destruction of property.It also causes the size of animals to shrink too their new enviroment.Hunters will say that hunting brings in revenue,by the sale of recreational equipment,which is true.The moral of this story is'Every living creature takes life to stay alive,and if not,it quikly starves and dies an agonizing death'.

Some Advice
Wait in exactly the position you were in when you fired the shot.

Moving prematurely can throw off your line of sign and call into

question an accurate perception of the ground; it may also be a

safety concern if another hunter is nearby and preparing to take a shot.

Make a mental note of where the deer was standing when you

took the shot. Trees become remarkably similar after you have

stared expectantly at them for half an hour.

Let a minimum of 20 minutes pass before leaving your hunting

stand. This period is crucial to remain patient so that the wounded

animal can bed down and bleed to death.

Walk immediately to the area in the woods where the deer

was standing when you fired once the 20 minute period has


Look for tufts of hair and spots of blood where the deer was

standing. Don't expect a great deal of blood at first.

Follow the blood and hoof prints, keeping an eye for spotting

on the branches as high as chest level.

Approach the fallen animal carefully, ensuring it has expired

before you begin handling it for proper field dressing,

completing your hunting trip successfully.
Your Gun Rights are at risk!!!!

Due too the voting in of a new president,the many GUN DEALERS in America are afraid that the Obama Administration is going to attempt to outlaw weapons of all Calibers and Actions in the United States.

And also stop the manufacture of ammunitions.

If you are wanting to purchase a gun for hunting or self defense,now is probably your best chance.

Some states won't approve a gun application to many because if you have a felony or anything to do with spousal or child abuse on your record,you will be disqualified from owning a gun in that state.

Also I might add that ammunition is becoming more scarce as gun owners are buying it up at a rapid pace.

It might be logical to start loading your own ammo.

During these hard times it is hard to join a Gun Club,but if you can afford it I would think about joining one.It takes a lot of monies too fight Anti Gun people in the courts.

If this anti gun law becomes effective,there will be a lot of people in the U.S. who rely on Big Game meat for subsistance to go on welfare.

You might think this is Bull but take a look at the people of Alaska,Montana,Idaho,Wyoming,North and South Dakota's wages,Then check how many big game permits are sold each year and you will discover I am right..

A Hunting Controversy Headline Animator

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