Monday, November 2, 2009

Wolf Facts

Know your target as coyotes look like wolves from a distance,but up close are easy to distinguish from the wolf.
Gray wolves come in different colors,such as black,tan,grey,white,brownish rust.
Gray wolves are built for travel with narrow bodies, long legs and large feet;
They can easily cover 10-20 miles in a day;
Montana wolves can be either gray or black, and sometimes white;
Montana wolves weigh 70-120 pounds and have a blocky square head;
Coyotes weigh 25-40 pounds and have a narrow, triangular shaped head.
After you bag the wolf,you are required to report the kill within 12 hours to the fish and game department.
If the wolf is wearing a collar,you are rquireed to turn the collarin to the fish and game.
If the wolf has mange as some do,it is best to take the unskinned wolf to the fish and game and they will give you another tag,free of charge.
When skinning a wolf,you should wear latex gloves to keep parasites and the spread of disease off you.

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