Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Your Gun Rights are at risk!!!!

Due too the voting in of a new president,the many GUN DEALERS in America are afraid that the Obama Administration is going to attempt to outlaw weapons of all Calibers and Actions in the United States.

And also stop the manufacture of ammunitions.

If you are wanting to purchase a gun for hunting or self defense,now is probably your best chance.

Some states won't approve a gun application to many because if you have a felony or anything to do with spousal or child abuse on your record,you will be disqualified from owning a gun in that state.

Also I might add that ammunition is becoming more scarce as gun owners are buying it up at a rapid pace.

It might be logical to start loading your own ammo.

During these hard times it is hard to join a Gun Club,but if you can afford it I would think about joining one.It takes a lot of monies too fight Anti Gun people in the courts.

If this anti gun law becomes effective,there will be a lot of people in the U.S. who rely on Big Game meat for subsistance to go on welfare.

You might think this is Bull but take a look at the people of Alaska,Montana,Idaho,Wyoming,North and South Dakota's wages,Then check how many big game permits are sold each year and you will discover I am right..

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