Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wolf Harvest

The 25th. of October has arrived and the general big game rifle season has started with a total of 23 wolves harvested in Montana and a total of 43 wolves harvested in Idaho.Out of 1009 hunters in the Ennis,Mt. check station there were only 43 Elk harvested in two days.This is a very poor hunt considering that this part of Montana is one of the premier hunting areas in the state.
I spoke with one rancher who ran steers on the forest service and he stated to me that his steers came off the range thinner then they were when he placed them on it.
This was due to wolves chasing them constantly,as he observed on his checks of the steers.
There are more wolves in the state then the fish and wildlife predicted this year,which means less big game to harvest.

The 21st.of October finds no new reported wolf kills in Montana,but this should change with the opening of big game rifle season on the 25th.of October.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

On Oct.15 2009 Montana has one backcountry hunting zone left open until the rifle season begins.
There have been 12 wolves harvested this season so far with 63 more wolves left before the season ends.

In Idaho there have been 54 wolves harvested with 166 remaining to be harvested.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

As of today the 13th.of October there have been no new reports of wolves harvested in Montana or Idaho.
The Montana dept.of fish, wildlife and parks are asking the publics help in the apprehension of someone who shot and killed a 6x6 bull elk this week and left the elk to rot along the roadway.
There can be a reward if the person or persons are brought to court and found guilty.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

As of today the 7th day of oct.2009 there have been 11 wolves shot by hunters in the state of Montana.

As of today the 7th day of oct.2009 there have been 28 wolves shot by hunters in Idaho.

I really don't think the states quota will be reached by the first of January when the hunt expires.

This tells me that next year the quota will be higher as it is not easy to find wolves unless they are in a farmers livestock killing for food and fun.

Yes wild dogs,coyotes and wolves will kill a large number of animals just for fun.

As I have witnessed on different occasions sheep men loosing up to 100 sheep in one night to coyotes.
I have also watched coyotes wait along trails for a mother deer to come by with her fawn,and the coyote will attack the baby and kill it.
Coyotes are great at chasing fawns into a hog wire fence and catching it that way also.

It seems once they get the taste of blood they go crazy for more.

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