Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wolf update

As of today there have been 51 wolves harvested in Montana and 91 harvested in Idaho.During my 4 day hunting trip to Ennis,Montana,I didn't see one Elk or even a calf track in one of the heaviest Elk hunting areas of the state.
Most of the animals I did see were Deer and very few of them were hanging in camps throughout the Gravelly mountain area.I talked to hunters who have hunted this area for 40 years and they stated that they haven't seen any sign either and that it is the second year in a row that they have been skunked out of 41 years hunting in the same area.They are equipped with horses and four wheelers,so they have coverd many miles of prime Elk habitat without spotting one Elk and a few Mule deer bucks.They did say that there were wolf sign in the areas where they have been and some hunters have seen the wolves.One hunter spotted 2 wolves chasing elk and when the wolves saw him they stopped chasing the elk and came towards him.He had a wolf tag and bagged one of the wolves.

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