Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wolf harvest in Idaho

As of this date there have been 111 wolves harvested in Idaho.
Only 108 left to harvest until the quota is met.
Here are some startling facts about the ways of the wolf.
The truth is wolves are killing machines, they are the ultimate predator in North America. They are not even surpassed by the grizzly bear. Do the research! You will find wolves are not conservationists, they are known to kill everything in the ecosystem starting with prey first, then other predators, then start killing each other because they are cannibals.

You want to discuss cattle not being killed in a humane way, in comparison to wolves there is none. Wolves are addictive "Sport Killers" this takes place during the winter in heavy snow, the deeper snow the more "Sport Killing" deer and elk carcasses literally slaughtered for miles on snow-covered logging roads, (two dead elk approximately 150 feet apart), only hind quarters ripped out not eating any of their prey, the carcass left to rot for scavengers, and in many cases the animals are left standing alive bleeding a torturous death in the snow for several days with only hindquarters torn out. It is a very slow and excruciating painful death. This happens routinely while teaching young pup wolves how to hunt.

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