Friday, January 29, 2010

A Judge"s Order

Some feed back from an Alliance to save Wolves.
On September 9th, U.S. District Judge Molloy ruled that the wolf hunt in Montana and Idaho can proceed.
The reasoning was that Earthjustice did not show that irreparable harm would occur if hunting was allowed for one or two years, and that is the required legal basis for issuing an injunction.

The good news is that the Judge agrees with another argument that the federal delisting of wolves was likely illegal because it failed to include Wyoming and so constitutes a decision based on political-boundaries rather than science.
Earthjustice is expected to proceed through the legal system to follow-up on this aspect of the case next.
The bad news is that this suggests that all the feds need is to have Wyoming adopt Idaho or Montana’s program.
The good news is that this suggests that the feds would first have to re-list wolves as an endangered species in order to then go thru the process of legally de-listing them with the necessary changes needed to include Wyoming (but who knows how such things play out).
The wolves, however, have apparently heard the news and hunters are reporting they are not having much luck finding them (to date anyway).
As I have stated before,wolves are a lot harder to find when the snow gets deep.

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